FAQ- Anaerobic Digesters AD250 & AD300

Frequently Asked Questions

bioDrill’s© renewable energy teaching kits deal with the subject of anaerobic digestion.

The TS-AD 250 is a bench-scale mesophillic two-stage anaerobic digester or bioreactor. With the two-stage device, the digestion is divided into separate hydrolysis and methanogenesis vessels. Organic waste is put into the hydrolysis vessel where is decomposes and gets transferred via a peristaltic pump to the methanogenesis vessel, heated and agitated. In the absence of oxygen anaerobic bacteria consume the organic matter to multiply and produce biogas. The TS-AD250 can also be used as a single-stage digester.

The amount of waste going in the digester is almost equal to the amount coming out. However, the quality of the waste is altered for the better (less odor, better fertilizer, organic load reduced, and less polluting). The solid waste coming out of the digester can be composted, and the liquid waste can be used as fertilizer.

One liter of biogas contains the equivalent of 6 watt-hours of calorific energy. However, when we convert biogas to electricity, in a biogas powered electric generator, we get about 2 watt-hours of useable electricity, the rest turns into heat which can also be used for heating applications. 2 watt-hours is enough energy to power a 0.5 watt LED nightlight for 4 hours, or 2/3 of the amount (3 watts) of energy stored in an AA battery.

The anaerobic digestion process destroys pathogens, resulting in safe nutrient rich effluent that can be used as an organic fertilizer. Typically, the TS-AD250 produces between 0.2-0.5 liters of effluent per day. This volume will vary depending on the rate at which it is fed.

Yes, there are TS-AD250 experiments available.

The TS-AD250 comes with five lab experiments at no extra cost.

When operated according to instructions, the TS-AD250 is safe for classroom use. The volumes of biogas produced are too low to present an explosion hazard, and any pathogenic bacteria that may be present on feedstock will be destroyed by the anaerobic digestion process. Always follow the safety instructions in the TS-AD250 Technical Manual.

The TS-AD250 is shipped mostly assembled and requires only minor assembly by user.

The Apparatus Specifications: Height – 25 inches; Width - 30 inches; Depth - 12 inches; Weight - 65 lbs; Electrical - 120VAC 60HZ

The Cart is on wheels which makes it easy to transport. Weight - 32 lbs

The TS-AD250 comes with a detailed Technical Manual. For an additional cost, Biodrill offers a 1-day onsite training course and a 3-day intensive course at our facilities in Rochester, NY.

The TS-AD250 comes with a detailed Technical Manual. It is available only in English at this time.

The TS-AD250 comes with a Kydex insulator, cart, gas collection vessel fill bottle, effluent/overflow carboy, standpipe & shroud assembly, two sample cups, laptop computer, and a technical manual.

The TS-AD250 comes with a limited one year warranty. See Technical Manual for details.

Should a repair be needed during the warranty period, Biodrill will determine whether the repair shall be made by sending a service engineer to the site or authorizing the customer to return the unit to Biodrill.

Turnaround time on repairs will depend on the specific situation. Normal turnaround time on repair of units returned to Biodrill for repair is 2-4 weeks.