FAQ-lab kits

Frequently Asked Questions

bioDrill’s© renewable energy teaching kits deal with the subject of anaerobic digestion.

Kits include a protocol that is written to accommodate 24 students working in groups of 4. However, the protocol can be modified to accommodate smaller or larger groups of students.

ADK101: Experiment lasts 7-10 days.
ADK201: Experiment can be modified to last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Both ADK kits illustrate concepts related to anaerobic digestion. However, the ADK101 kit experiment will only last until enough gas is produced to totally push the inner tube of the chamber from the outer tube – disrupting the anaerobic environment. The ADK201 kit anaerobic vessel is sealed with a rubber stopper that allows samples to be removed from the vial without disrupting the anaerobic environment – therefore allowing the experiment to be carried out for a longer amount of time. The ADK101 kit is ideal for middle and high school age users while the ADK201 kit is ideal for researchers with access to a GC (gas chromatograph) to further analyze samples.

Gloves are not required to perform experiments with the contents of the kit. However, safe handling of the included substances is required.

Both kits include enough reusable and consumable materials to complete the experiment twice as written. Replenishment packs can be ordered once the consumable materials are depleted.

Hydrolysis is the process of splitting compounds into fragments with the addition of water. This process uses water molecules to breakdown the organic matter into smaller molecules by catalytic enzymes that are secreted by bacteria. This allows for easy absorption of nutrients by these and other bacteria for further digestion.

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Each kit includes a teacher’s manual with a suggested lab protocol. However, this protocol can be modified to fit class needs. Additional experiments can also be designed by users to utilize the kit.

The kits include a suggested lab protocol but additional experiments can be designed by users to perform with the kits.

The kit contents can be safely discarded by pouring down a sink drain with plenty of water.

The inoculum MUST be vented (by loosely capping) and refrigerated before and after use with the kit.

The inoculum has “best if used buy” date marked on the bottle. This date is 6 months from the time of shipment.

Any biodegradable substrate can be used to perform experiments with the lab kits. We recommend using substrates representative of what would be used in a full scale digester such as dairy, fruits, vegetables, grass, etc

Cellulose powder and Acetic acids are included in the kit.