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bioDrill Trading Cards Game - ADC1

The trading card game is for students to learn about sustainability. Students learn the pit falls of a non-sustainable life style in the beginning of the game. As players pick up cards during turns of play they utilize certain activities, wastes or assets to produce energy, profit, and environmental integrity.

This will be a ground breaking trading card game for learning in the classroom, as well as, personal fun. The first line of cards will be anaerobic digestion tailored to go with classroom lesson plans. 

This trading card game will enable students to:

  • Engage in a fun manor while learning topics of sustainability
  • Observe and recognize what certain card activities, wastes and assets can really do and how they apply to real world scenarios
  • Understand concepts of energy, profit and environmental integrity
  • Become familiar with the materials and methods used to cultivate anaerobic digestion and other renewable energy topics